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Name:Sorrow Corvinus
Birthdate:Jan 15
Location:United States of America

Bow down in position
Against the polished steel
This is something different
You'll like the way this feels
No time for asking questions
No time for wondering
We've had enough of you now
You've heard everything

You want to play a new game
You put on this blindfold
You do what we tell you
You do as you're told
Used to be the leader
Now comes the time to serve
Maybe we'll show some mercy
Maybe you'll get what you deserve

Countdown to the end, but make it go faster
This is your disaster
Countdown to the end, but make it go faster
Come on down, my friend
It's time to meet your master

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aggressive sex, agnosticism, alternative, ancient greek philosophy, angst, anime, animism, anthropology, astral projection, astrology, autumn, avenged sevenfold, balance, baphomet, black magic, black metal, blasphemous, blood, bondage, books, chains, chaos, chaos magic theory, chaos magick, collars, control, crowley, cthulhu mythos, cyberpunk, dark, dark matter, darkness, death, death note, demonology, demons, discipline, disturbing, dominance & submission, donnie darko, dope, dream magic, dreams, dreamwork, ecstasy, egregores, egyptian gods, erotica, eroticism, evil, fear, fetish, free will, goth, gothic, greek gods, h r giger, hair pulling, halloween, horror, illuminates of thanateros, japan, lacuna coil, left hand path, logic, lovecraft, lust, lycanthropy, macabre, magical thinking, magick, male dominance, master, master/slave, midnight syndicate, mindless self indulgence, music, my chemical romance, mythology, necromancers, necromancy, neil gaiman, neopaganism, new england, nietzsche, nightmares, nine inch nails, noir, numerology, occult, occultism, owned, pagan, paganism, paranormal, peter carroll, phil hine, physics, piercings, prophecies, psychic, psychological horror flicks, psychonaut, punishment, quantum mechanics, quantum theory, rationalism, reading, religion, respect, restraints, ritual, roleplaying, roman gods, rough sex, salem, samhain, science, seduction, sensory deprivation, servitors, sex magic, sigils, slaves, smashing pumpkins, sociology, spanking, spare, spirituality, submission, submissives, sumerian religion, supernatural, switchblade symphony, synchronicity, tantra, tattoos, theology, tiamat, tim burton, twilight zone, vampires, waning moon, winter, witchcraft, witches, x-files
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